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Who We Are

Andersen RacePark is part of a larger group of motorsports-related companies owned and operated by the Andersen family.  In addition to the RacePark, this group includes the following companies:

  • Andersen Promotions - organizer and promoter of the USF2000 National Championship, the first step on the IRL's Road to Indy ladder, and the logical next step for career-minded drivers after karting.
  • Andersen Racing - professional race team that has participated on many levels including karts, F2000, Star Mazda, and Indy Lights.
  • Andersen Karting - retail distributor of karts and accessories also providing service and preparation work for karting participants.

Why We're in Business

Within all of our companies, our involvement in racing is guided by the following principles:

Our mission is to help drivers of all ages and abilities improve their skills,
learn more about racing, and have fun participating in the sport.

Our Primary Goals:

  1. Improvement:  Successful drivers are often labeled as "talented" or "gifted".  We, however, believe that motivation and a proper attitude when combined with training and experience are far more important than talent alone.  Driving is primarily a mental activity and as such is something that can be improved through study and practice.  Our goal is to provide drivers with the best opportunities for improving their skills, regardless of natural talent or prior experience.
  2. Learning:  Racing is about much more than just driving ability.  There are elements of strategy, science, technology, engineering and even psychology that must be explored in order to be truly successful.  Our goal is to learn as much as we can in all of these areas and to teach others a combination of what we have already learned and our best methods for learning even more.
  3. Fun:  Racing is a sport that is both challenging and enjoyable.  Overcoming the challenge sometimes comes at the expense of the enjoyment, but we believe it is important to maintain a healthy balance between the two.  Our goal is to provide programs that are both challenging and fun for participants.

Our Core Values:

  1. Honesty and Integrity
  2. Quality and Performance
  3. Willingness to Learn
  4. Respect for Others
  5. Pursuit of Excellence

Our Methods:

We strive to use the best and most effective methods possible.  Our programs are continually under review, looking for newer and better ways of reaching our goals and incorporating our values.

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